EA Stock Data and Insider Activity
EA - Electronic Arts Inc EA is one of the world's largest third-party video game publishers and has transitioned from a console-based video game publisher to the one of the largest publishers on consoles, PC, and mobile. The firm owns number of large franchises, including Madden, FIFA, Battlefield, Apex Legends, Mass Effect, Dragon's Age, and Need for Speed.
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Whale Activity

Recently reported position changes by institutional investors

Senate Trading

Recent trades by U.S. Senators

Date Senator Type
12/21/2022 King, Angus Purchase: Stock
4/5/2021 Tuberville, Tommy Purchase: Stock Option (Type: Put; Strike: $115.0; Expiry: 06/18/2021)
3/29/2021 Tuberville, Tommy Sale: Stock
House Trading

Recent trades by U.S. Representatives

Date Rep. Type
3/26/2021 Marie Newman Sale
3/22/2021 Marie Newman Purchase
3/17/2021 William R. Keating Purchase
2/11/2021 Marie Newman Sale
2/4/2021 Marie Newman Purchase
9/23/2020 Dean Phillips Purchase
3/8/2019 Susan A. Davis Sale
1/11/2019 Susan A. Davis Purchase
10/24/2018 Susan A. Davis Purchase
4/4/2017 Gary Palmer Purchase
Insider Trading

Quarterly net insider trading by a company's directors and management

Corporate Flights

Flights by private jets registered to EA

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Government Contracts

Federal grants, loans, and purchases. Click on a date for more info.

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