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How to use the Quiver platform to make more well-informed trading decisions.


If you want to understand how a company is performing at a fundamental level, where do you look? Traditionally, the answer would be quarterly financial reports. However, these reports are lagged by several months and don't paint the full picture for how a company is performing.

To fill in the gaps, many hedge funds and professional investors have turned to what's known as alternative data. Alternative data refers to anything outside of traditional financial data that can be used to make smarter trading decisions.

Alternative data can help you answer questions like:

Which companies grew their social media following the most this week?
What stocks are being bought and sold by U.S. Senators?
Who received the most money from new government contracts today?

Unfortunately, most existing providers only sell their data to hedge funds and institutions, and charge thousands of dollars a year for access to their services. Our mission is to bridge this information gap between Wall Street and Main Street, and make high-quality alternative data accessible to everyone.

Using the Quiver Platform

Data Dashboards

We have built out distinct dashboards for each of our datasets, which make it easy to visualize winners and losers.

For example, on our Government Contracts dashboard you can quickly see which companies have been awarded the most contracts over the last 90 days.

Quiver Strategies

Wondering how you would’ve performed if you had invested based off one of our datasets?

With Quiver Strategies, you can easily see the backtested performance of a selection of trading strategies built on top of Quiver’s data. Within each strategies page, you can see the current holdings and recent trades, making it possible to replicate the strategy with your own portfolio.

Ticker Search

Doing a ticker search will return a selection of the data that we’ve gathered on a specific company, along with its financials and price movement.

You can use this to make sure you're not missing out on any important information before making any buy or sell decisions, or to keep tabs on your current portfolio holdings.

Quiver’s Data

The majority of Quiver’s data is collected through public web scraping. We currently aggregate around 30 different datasets, covering everything from Congress Trading to WallStreetBets discussion. Most of these datasets are updated in realtime throughout the day, and what’s shown on our website is a reflection of the latest possible insights from our sources.

To learn more about each of Quiver’s datasets, click here.

Questions or Comments?

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