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U.S. Representative Michael Garcia Just Reported a Sale of $TSLA stock

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In a new disclosure filed today, U.S. Representative Michael Garcia reported the sale of $50,001 - $100,000 of Tesla, Inc., in a trade that took place on June 12. Since that trade was made, the stock has risen approximately 4.29%.

Members of Congress have traded $TSLA stock 17 times in the past 6 months. Of those trades, 8 have been purchases and 9 have been sales.

Here’s a breakdown of recent trading of $TSLA stock by members of Congress over the last 6 months:

- Representative Michael Garcia has traded $TSLA 3 times. They made 0 purchases and 3 sales worth up to $200,000 on 06/12, 06/08, 12/20.

- Representative Josh Gottheimer has traded $TSLA 3 times. They made 1 purchase worth up to $15,000 on 01/27 and 2 sales worth up to $30,000 on 05/19, 03/24.

- Representative Daniel Goldman has traded $TSLA 6 times. They made 5 purchases worth up to $415,000 on 04/10, 03/06, 03/01, 02/03 and 1 sale worth up to $250,000 on 01/31.

- Senator Tommy Tuberville purchased up to $15,000 on 04/03.

- Representative Dan Newhouse purchased up to $15,000 on 03/17.

- Representative Shri Thanedar has traded $TSLA 2 times. They made 0 purchases and 2 sales worth up to $30,000 on 01/23.

- Representative Nancy Pelosi sold up to $1,000,000 on 12/20.

$TSLA has disclosed $890,000 of lobbying in the last year. To see more information on the specific issues that they were lobbying on, you can visit our lobbying dashboard for $TSLA.

To see more data on trading by politicians, check out our congressional trading dashboard.

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