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OSIS: OSI Systems Inc is a designer and manufacturer of electronic systems and components for businesses in the homeland security, healthcare, defense, and aerospace markets. The firm is organized in three business segments: Security, which provides security and inspection systems; Healthcare, which provides patient monitoring, diagnostic, cardiology, ventilation systems and defibrillators; and Optoelectronics and Manufacturing, which provides specialized electronic components and manufacturing services for the Security and Healthcare segments and external original equipment manufacturers. Majority of the firm's revenue is generated in America, and the rest from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and the Asia Pacific regions.


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  • $20,000 Aug 14, 2006 Issue: Homeland Security
  • $20,000 Feb 14, 2006 Issue: Homeland Security
  • $20,000 Aug 29, 2005 Issue: Homeland Security
  • $60,000 Aug 10, 2005 Issue: Budget/Appropriations
  • $20,000 Feb 17, 2005 Issue: Homeland Security
  • $60,000 Feb 16, 2005 Issue: Budget/Appropriations
  • $60,000 Aug 17, 2004 Issue: Homeland Security
  • $60,000 Aug 16, 2004 Issue: Homeland Security Budget/Appropriations
  • $20,000 Mar 17, 2004 Issue: Homeland Security
  • $40,000 Feb 25, 2004 Issue: Homeland Security
  • $20,000 Aug 21, 2003 Issue: Aviation/Airlines/Airports Disaster Planning/Emergencies
  • $20,000 Aug 14, 2003 Issue: Marine/Maritime/Boating/Fisheries Aviation/Airlines/Airports
  • $60,000 Feb 14, 2003 Issue: None
  • $40,000 Aug 14, 2002 Issue: Manufacturing Defense Roads/Highway Agriculture Aerospace Transportation Health Issues Medicare/Medicaid Marine/Maritime/Boating/Fisheries Budget/Appropriations Aviation/Airlines/Airports Energy/Nuclear Education Medical/Disease Research/Clinical Labs Science/Technology
  • $60,000 Aug 13, 2001 Issue: Aviation/Airlines/Airports Transportation
  • $60,000 Feb 16, 2001 Issue: Transportation Aviation/Airlines/Airports
  • $60,000 Aug 08, 2000 Issue: Communications/Broadcasting/Radio/TV Fuel/Gas/Oil Computer Industry Education Beverage Industry Aviation/Airlines/Airports Consumer Issues/Safety/Products Health Issues Transportation
  • $60,000 Feb 14, 2000 Issue: Transportation Aviation/Airlines/Airports Law Enforcement/Crime/Criminal Justice
  • $60,000 Aug 12, 1999 Issue: Law Enforcement/Crime/Criminal Justice
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