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MAXN: Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of premium solar technology. It owns and operates solar cell and panel manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia, Mexico, and the Philippines. The company's primary products are the Maxeon line of interdigitated back contact (IBC) solar cells and panels, and the Performance line (formerly, P-Series) of shingled solar cells and panels. the Maxeon line of solar panels are the highest-efficiency solar panels on the market with an aesthetically pleasing design, and the Performance line of solar panels offers a high-value and cost-effective solution. It is targeted at residential and small-scale commercial customers across the globe. The company derives its revenue from the United States, France, Italy, and Others.


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  • $10,000 Aug 23, 2023 Issue: Trade (domestic/foreign)
  • $10,000 May 04, 2023 Issue: Trade (domestic/foreign)
  • $10,000 Feb 06, 2023 Issue: Trade (domestic/foreign)
  • $10,000 Nov 15, 2022 Issue: Trade (domestic/foreign)
  • $10,000 Aug 09, 2022 Issue: Trade (domestic/foreign)
  • $10,000 May 05, 2022 Issue: Trade (domestic/foreign)
  • $10,000 Jan 07, 2022 Issue: Trade (domestic/foreign)
  • $10,000 Nov 07, 2021 Issue: Trade (domestic/foreign)
  • $10,000 Jul 22, 2021 Issue: Trade (domestic/foreign)
  • $10,000 Apr 08, 2021 Issue: Trade (domestic/foreign)
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