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MANH: Manhattan Associates provides software that helps users manage their supply chains, inventory, and omnichannel operations. Customers are generally retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and logistics providers. The company was founded in 1990 and serves more than 1,200 customers around the world.


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Government lobbying spending instances

  • $10,000 Apr 20, 2015 Issue: Immigration
  • $20,000 Apr 18, 2014 Issue: None
  • $20,000 Jan 20, 2014 Issue: Immigration Labor Issues/Antitrust/Workplace
  • $20,000 Oct 21, 2013 Issue: Labor Issues/Antitrust/Workplace Immigration
  • $20,000 Jul 19, 2013 Issue: Immigration Labor Issues/Antitrust/Workplace
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  • Patent Title: Distributed workload management Oct. 30, 2018
  • Patent Title: Bid positioning system Jan. 05, 2010

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