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LAD: Lithia Motors is a retailer of new and used vehicles and related services. The company offers over 45 brands of vehicles at about 350 stores globally including 28 U.S. states at year-end 2022 and entered Canada in mid-2021 with the purchase of Pfaff Automotive and bought Jardine and soon Pendragon in the U.K. in 2023. The company has expanded largely through the acquisition of dealerships in smaller regional markets but now seeks to grow in any part of the U.S. and we expect more deals over time in the U.S. and abroad. Annual revenue in 2022 was $28.2 billion and we see over $50 billion possible in 2025. In 2022, new-car sales were about 46% of total revenue. Lithia was founded in 1946, went public in 1996, and is now the largest U.S. auto dealer. It is based in Medford, Oregon.


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