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GENE: Genetic Technologies Ltd is an Australia-based molecular diagnostics company that offers predictive testing and assessment tools to help physicians proactively manage women's health. The company has developed BREVAGenplus which is a clinically validated risk assessment test for non-hereditary breast cancer. It also provides genetic testing services including medical testing, animal testing, forensic testing, and plant testing. The company markets BREVAGenplus to healthcare professionals in breast healthcare and imaging centers, as well as to obstetricians/ gynecologists (OBGYNs) and breast cancer risk assessment specialists. The majority of the company's revenue is generated from Australia and the United States. The group has two operating segments: EasyDNA and GeneType/Corporate.


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  • Patent Title: Methods of assessing risk of developing a severe response to coronavirus infection Feb. 22, 2022
  • Patent Title: Methods for breast cancer risk assessment Jul. 27, 2021
  • Patent Title: Computer systems and methods for genomic analysis Jun. 08, 2021
  • Patent Title: Method for modifying a treatment regimen of a human female subject Feb. 16, 2021
  • Patent Title: Methods for assessing risk of developing breast cancer Jun. 16, 2020
  • Patent Title: Methods for obtaining fetal genetic material Sep. 20, 2016
  • Patent Title: Biological sampling device Jul. 14, 2015
  • Patent Title: Biological sampling device Sep. 09, 2014
  • Patent Title: Device and method for obtaining a biological sample May. 27, 2014
  • Patent Title: Identification of fetal dna and fetal cell markers in maternal plasma or serum Mar. 12, 2013
  • Patent Title: Methods of genetic analysis involving the amplification of complementary duplicons Nov. 20, 2012
  • Patent Title: Maternal antibodies as fetal cell markers to identify and enrich fetal cells from maternal blood Aug. 31, 2010

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