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CODA: Coda Octopus Group Inc develops underwater technologies and equipment for imaging, mapping defense, and survey applications. It operates in two segments: Marine Technology Business and Marine Engineering Business. The Technology Business develops proprietary solutions for both the commercial and defense subsea market. Its solutions include hardware and software for Geophysical Systems, Motion & Positioning Systems, and Real-Time Volumetric Imaging Sonar. The Engineering Business segment provides engineering services to a range of clients in the defense markets. Its geographical segments are the Americas, Europe, Australia/Asia, and the Middle East/Africa. The majority of revenue is derived from the Marine Technology Business segment.


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Government lobbying spending instances

  • $5,000 Oct 20, 2009 Issue: Defense
  • $10,000 Jul 20, 2009 Issue: Defense
  • $30,000 Apr 19, 2009 Issue: Budget/Appropriations
  • $20,000 Apr 17, 2009 Issue: Defense
  • $10,000 Jan 18, 2009 Issue: Budget/Appropriations
  • $40,000 Jan 16, 2009 Issue: Budget/Appropriations
  • $10,000 Oct 20, 2008 Issue: Budget/Appropriations
  • $40,000 Oct 16, 2008 Issue: Defense
  • $10,000 Jul 21, 2008 Issue: Budget/Appropriations
  • $40,000 Jul 16, 2008 Issue: Defense
  • $10,000 Apr 21, 2008 Issue: Budget/Appropriations
  • $40,000 Apr 16, 2008 Issue: Defense
  • $80,000 Feb 12, 2008 Issue: Defense
  • $20,000 Feb 11, 2008 Issue: Homeland Security
  • $80,000 Aug 09, 2007 Issue: Defense Homeland Security
  • $40,000 Feb 13, 2007 Issue: Budget/Appropriations
  • $80,000 Aug 08, 2006 Issue: Budget/Appropriations
U.S. Patents

New patents grants

  • Patent Title: Pseudo random frequency sonar ping generation Feb. 14, 2023
  • Patent Title: System and techniques for split-aperture beamforming Sep. 20, 2022
  • Patent Title: Apparatus and method for sonar imaging and managing of undersea cable laying Dec. 21, 2021
  • Patent Title: Sonar tracking of unknown possible objects Jul. 13, 2021
  • Patent Title: Method of compressing beamformed sonar data Jul. 21, 2020
  • Patent Title: Object tracking using sonar imaging Oct. 02, 2018
  • Patent Title: Method of rendering volume representation of sonar images Nov. 15, 2011
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