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BYND: Beyond Meat Inc is a provider of plant-based meats, such as burgers, sausage, ground beef, and chicken. Unlike other vegetarian products, Beyond Meat seeks to replicate the look, cook, and taste of meat targeted to omnivores and vegetarians alike and is sold in the meat case. The products are widely available across the U.S. and Canada and in 83 additional countries as well. International revenue represented 31% of 2021 sales. The firm's products are available in retail stores and the food service channel. In 2019, before the pandemic struck, sales were evenly split between these two channels, although the mix stood at 70% retail/30% food service in 2021. We think the recovery from the crisis and new deals with McDonald's and Yum Brands will return food-service sales to 50% in time.


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  • $10,000 Jul 20, 2022 Issue: Food Industry (safety, labeling, etc.)
  • $20,000 Jan 19, 2022 Issue: Food Industry (safety, labeling, etc.)
  • $20,000 Jan 20, 2021 Issue: Food Industry (safety, labeling, etc.)
  • $10,000 Jul 20, 2020 Issue: Food Industry (safety, labeling, etc.)
  • $40,000 Apr 20, 2020 Issue: Food Industry (safety, labeling, etc.)
  • $40,000 Jan 20, 2020 Issue: Food Industry (safety, labeling, etc.)
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