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U.S. Representative Maria Elvira Salazar Just Reported a Purchase of $DTM Stock


In a new disclosure filed today, U.S. Representative Maria Elvira Salazar reported the purchase of $15,001 - $50,000 of DT MIDSTREAM, INC. COMMON STOCK, in a trade that took place on May 01. Since that trade was made, the stock has risen approximately 11.84%.

Members of Congress have traded $DTM stock 1 times in the past 6 months. Of those trades, 1 have been purchases and 0 have been sales.

Here’s a breakdown of recent trading of $DTM stock by members of Congress over the last 6 months:

- Representative Maria Elvira Salazar purchased up to $50,000 on 05/01.

To see more data on trading by politicians, check out our congressional trading dashboard.

About the Author

Christopher Kardatzke is the CTO and cofounder of Quiver Quantitative. Prior to starting Quiver, Christopher worked in software development for Epic Systems, and was the founder of the UW-Madison Quantitative Finance Club.

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