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Nancy Pelosi made almost $1.6M in the stock market today


Nancy Pelosi made $1.59M in unrealized gains today, per our estimates.

We’ve been writing code to track politicians’ portfolios, and track their performance in the stock market. We recently released a dashboard which shows live net worth estimates for members of Congress, and allows users to track their stock holdings.

Today, we saw Nancy Pelosi add almost $2M to her $250M fortune. This was largely off the back of her massive holdings of Apple ($AAPL) and Amazon ($AMZN).

We estimate that Pelosi currently has $43M invested in Apple, which rose 2% today, and $19M invested in Amazon, which rose 4%.

You can track Congress’ portfolios here, and see how they have been performing in the markets.

About the Author

Christopher Kardatzke is the CTO and cofounder of Quiver Quantitative. Prior to starting Quiver, Christopher worked in software development for Epic Systems, and was the founder of the UW-Madison Quantitative Finance Club.

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