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Amazon Stands Defiant: Inside the Upcoming FTC Antitrust Lawsuit

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In the face of impending antitrust allegations by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Amazon (AMZN) shows no signs of conciliation. The e-commerce behemoth, indicated by a recent decline in share value, reportedly offered no concessions in recent discussions with the FTC, a move that effectively sets the stage for a legal confrontation expected to materialize later this month. These developments emanated from a "last rites" meeting held on August 15, where Amazon's legal brigade had the opportunity to propose business alterations to potentially avert the looming lawsuit, a chance that apparently went unutilized.

The FTC, which has been meticulously scrutinizing Amazon's business operations over recent years, is gearing up to initiate a lawsuit targeting various facets of Amazon's business model. The focal points of this legal action are believed to encompass issues such as the potential favoritism shown to its in-house products on its platforms and the treatment of external vendors on It appears that the forthcoming lawsuit might advocate for "structural remedies" which could potentially escalate to a proposal for the fragmentation of the multinational company.

During the August dialogue, Amazon's counsel staunchly maintained its stance before the FTC commissioners, including Chair Lina Khan. They argued that imposing alterations on Amazon's current business structure could inadvertently result in escalated prices and delayed shipping durations for consumers. The legal representatives sought clarity on the acceptable remedial measures from the FTC's end, a request that remained unaddressed during the interaction, leaving the firm in a state of uncertainty regarding the ways to prevent the impending legal tussle.

The upcoming lawsuit holds significant implications not only for Amazon but also marks a crucial milestone in Lina Khan's career, who ascended to prominence post her 2017 critique in the Yale Law Journal highlighting Amazon's overwhelming market dominance. As she now stands at the helm of the FTC, the impending lawsuit could be a watershed moment, substantiating her earlier claims and potentially reshaping the regulatory landscape surrounding mammoth tech entities. The ensuing legal battle promises to be a closely watched event, as it may set a precedent in the ongoing scrutiny of tech giants' market practices.

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David Love is an editor at Quiver Quantitative, with a focus on global markets and breaking news. Prior to joining Quiver, David was the CEO of Winter Haven Capital.

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