SCHW Stock Data and Insider Activity
SCHW - The Charles Schwab Corporation Charles Schwab operates in brokerage, banking, and asset-management businesses. The company runs a large network of brick-and-mortar brokerage branch offices, a well-established online investing website, and has mobile trading capabilities. It also operates a bank and a proprietary asset management business and offers services to independent investment advisors. The company is among the largest firms in the investment business, with over $6.5 trillion of client assets at the end of September 2022. Nearly all of its revenue is from the United States.
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Whale Activity

Recently reported position changes by institutional investors

Senate Trading

Recent trades by U.S. Senators

Date Senator Type
2/10/2023 Sullivan, Dan Sale: Stock
7/29/2019 Feinstein, Dianne Sale: None
7/25/2019 Feinstein, Dianne Purchase: None
House Trading

Recent trades by U.S. Representatives

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Insider Trading

Quarterly net insider trading by a company's directors and management

Corporate Flights

Flights by private jets registered to SCHW

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Government Contracts

Federal grants, loans, and purchases. Click on a date for more info.

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