PGR Stock Data and Insider Activity
PGR - Progressive Corporation Progressive underwrites private and commercial auto insurance and specialty lines; it has over 20 million personal auto policies in force and is the fourth-largest auto insurer in the United States. Progressive markets its policies through independent insurance agencies in the U.S. and Canada and directly via the internet and telephone. Its premiums are split roughly equally between the agent and the direct channel. The company also offers commercial auto policies and entered homeowners insurance through an acquisition in 2015.
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Whale Activity

Recently reported position changes by institutional investors

Senate Trading

Recent trades by U.S. Senators

Date Senator Type
4/7/2020 Loeffler, Kelly Purchase: Stock Option (Type: Put; Strike: $65.0; Expiry: 08/21/2020)
4/18/2019 Whitehouse, Sheldon Purchase: Stock
House Trading

Recent trades by U.S. Representatives

Date Rep. Type
9/28/2022 Lois Frankel Sale
3/9/2022 John Curtis Sale
9/2/2021 Lois Frankel Purchase
9/1/2021 Lois Frankel Purchase
6/24/2021 Josh Gottheimer Purchase
6/22/2021 John Curtis Sale
6/2/2021 Lois Frankel Purchase
5/27/2021 Lois Frankel Purchase
5/26/2021 Lois Frankel Purchase
3/24/2021 Lois Frankel Purchase
3/17/2021 Lois Frankel Purchase
3/10/2021 Lois Frankel Purchase
2/18/2021 Robert J. Wittman Sale
1/20/2021 Cindy Axne Purchase
12/10/2020 Cindy Axne Purchase
10/2/2020 Robert J. Wittman Purchase
6/25/2020 Cindy Axne Purchase
6/8/2020 Dean Phillips Purchase
5/21/2020 Dean Phillips Purchase
5/20/2020 Dean Phillips Purchase
5/19/2020 Dean Phillips Purchase
5/18/2020 Dean Phillips Purchase
3/27/2020 John Curtis Purchase
3/18/2020 Gilbert Cisneros Purchase
2/20/2020 Mikie Sherrill Sale
11/6/2019 Cindy Axne Purchase
11/6/2019 Cindy Axne Purchase
6/19/2019 Bradley S. Schneider Sale
5/24/2019 Bradley S. Schneider Purchase
3/22/2019 Susie Lee Sale
3/20/2019 Susie Lee Sale
3/11/2019 Bradley S. Schneider Purchase
11/20/2018 Lamar Smith Sale
10/10/2018 Lamar Smith Sale
6/20/2018 Bradley S. Schneider Sale
5/31/2018 Lamar Smith Sale
5/16/2018 Lamar Smith Sale
4/17/2018 Bradley S. Schneider Purchase
Insider Trading

Quarterly net insider trading by a company's directors and management

Corporate Flights

Flights by private jets registered to PGR

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Government Contracts

Federal grants, loans, and purchases. Click on a date for more info.

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