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MAC - The Macerich Company The Macerich Company is an S&P 500 company that invests in premium mall assets. The company owns 29 regional malls in its consolidated portfolio and 19 regional malls in its unconsolidated portfolio along with six power centers and six other real estate assets. The company's total portfolio has 47.6 million square feet of gross leasable area and averaged $801 sales per square foot over the 12 months prior to the pandemic, with the consolidated portfolio averaging $646 sales per square foot and the unconsolidated portfolio averaging $998 sales per square foot.
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Date Rep. Type
6/16/2022 Christopher L. Jacobs Purchase
2/7/2020 Gilbert Cisneros Sale
12/6/2019 Gilbert Cisneros Purchase
8/14/2019 Gilbert Cisneros Sale
5/31/2019 Tom Malinowski Purchase
5/29/2019 Tom Malinowski Sale
5/9/2019 Gilbert Cisneros Purchase
3/14/2019 Gilbert Cisneros Sale
12/21/2018 Greg Gianforte Sale
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