FRC Stock Data and Insider Activity
FRC - First Republic Bank First Republic offers private banking and wealth management services to high net worth clients. Services are primarily offered in the San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles markets. The bank was founded in 1985.
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Whale Activity

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Senate Trading

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House Trading

Recent trades by U.S. Representatives

Date Rep. Type
12/20/2022 John Curtis Purchase
5/18/2022 Lois Frankel Purchase
3/14/2022 Earl Blumenauer Sale
2/24/2022 Earl Blumenauer Purchase
12/9/2021 Lois Frankel Sale
4/29/2020 Gilbert Cisneros Purchase
4/29/2020 Gilbert Cisneros Purchase
4/27/2020 Lois Frankel Sale
3/26/2020 Earl Blumenauer Purchase
9/12/2019 Lois Frankel Purchase
9/11/2019 Lois Frankel Purchase
Insider Trading

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Corporate Flights

Flights by private jets registered to FRC

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Government Contracts

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