CVNA Stock Data and Insider Activity
CVNA - Carvana Co. Carvana Co is an e-commerce platform for buying and selling used cars. The company derives revenue from used vehicle sales, wholesale vehicle sales and other sales and revenues. The other sales and revenues include sales of loans originated and sold in securitization transactions or to financing partners, commissions received on VSCs and sales of GAP waiver coverage.
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Whale Activity

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Senate Trading

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House Trading

Recent trades by U.S. Representatives

Date Rep. Type
3/7/2022 Josh Gottheimer Sale
5/27/2021 Josh Gottheimer Sale
3/12/2021 Josh Gottheimer Purchase
10/26/2020 Josh Gottheimer Purchase
10/22/2020 Josh Gottheimer Purchase
10/16/2020 Josh Gottheimer Purchase
9/15/2020 Josh Gottheimer Sale
8/7/2020 Josh Gottheimer Purchase
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Corporate Flights

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