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AGCO - AGCO Corporation Agco is a global manufacturer of agricultural equipment. The company has five principal brands: Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Valtra, and GSI. Unlike its competitors, Agco's product line extends beyond self-propelled equipment and implements to grain handling systems and livestock management solutions. Its products are available through a global dealer network, which includes over 3,200 dealer and distribution locations. Agco offers retail and wholesale financing to customers through its joint venture with Rabobank, a European food- and agriculture-focused bank.
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4/7/2020 Loeffler, Kelly Sale: Stock
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6/21/2022 Kevin Hern Purchase
11/26/2021 Kevin Hern Purchase
6/10/2021 Susie Lee Sale
5/14/2021 Susie Lee Purchase
3/6/2019 Donna Shalala Sale
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