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ACU - Acme United Corporation Acme United Corp is a supplier of first aid and medical products and cutting technology to the school, home, office, hardware, sporting goods, and industrial markets. Its principal products sold across all segments are first aid kits and medical products, scissors, shears, knives, rulers, pencil sharpeners, and sharpening tools. The Company sells its products to mass market and e-commerce retailers, industrial distributors, wholesale, contract, and retail stationery distributors, office supply superstores, sporting goods stores, and hardware chains. The Company's reportable business segments consist of the United States, Canada, and Europe, out of which a majority of the company's revenue is derived from the United States.
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7/12/2021 1
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VTI Vanguard $2.1 million
VXF Vanguard $779315
DFAT Dimensional $270629
DFAS Dimensional $195048
IWC iShares $114312
DFAC Dimensional $31463
DFUS Dimensional $9288