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Once a year, publicly traded companies issue a comprehensive report of their business, called a 10-K. A component mandated in the 10-K is the ‘Risk Factors’ section, where companies disclose any major potential risks that they may face. This dashboard highlights all major changes and additions in new 10K reports, allowing investors to quickly identify new potential risks and opportunities.

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Investors should carefully consider the following risk factors and all other information contained in this Annual Report. There is a great deal of risk involved in the business of the company, and any of the following risks could affect our business, its financial condition, its potential profits or, and could result in you losing your entire investment if our business became insolvent. In the business of the company, any of the following risks could affect our business, its financial condition, its potential profits or losses, and could result in you losing your entire investment if our business became insolvent. The risks and uncertainties described below are not the only ones we face. Additional risks and uncertainties, including those not presently known to us or that we currently deem immaterial, also may result in decreased revenues, increased expenses or other events which could result in a decline in the price of our common stock.

Risks Related to Our Common Stock

We may decide to acquire assets or enter into business combinations, which could be paid for, either wholly or partially with our common stock and if we decide to do this our current shareholders would experience dilution in their percentage of ownership.

Our Articles of Incorporation give our Board of Directors the right to enter into any contract without the approval of our shareholders. Therefore, our management could decide to make an investment (buy shares, loan money, etc.) without shareholder approval. If we acquire an asset or enter into a business combination, this could include exchanging a large amount of our common stock, which could dilute the ownership interest of present stockholders.

Future stock distributions could be structured in such a way as to be 1) diluting to our current shareholders or 2) could cause a change in control to new investors.

If we raise additional funds by selling more of our stock, the new stock may have rights, preferences or privileges senior to those of the rights of our existing stock. If common stock is issued in return for additional funds, the price per share could be lower than that paid by our current stockholders. The result of this would be a lessening of each present stockholder’s relative percentage interest in our company.


The Company’s common shares currently trade within the NASDAQ Capital Market in the United States. The average daily trading volume of our common stock was approximately 5,000 shares on NASDAQ for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2023. With this limited trading volume, investors could find it difficult to purchase or sell our common stock.

Risks Related to Our Business

A contagious disease outbreak, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic emergency, could have an adverse effect on our operations and financial condition

Our business could be negatively affected by an outbreak of an infectious disease due to the consequences of the actions taken by companies and governments to contain and control the virus. These consequences include:

·The inability of our third-party manufacturers in China and elsewhere to manufacture or deliver products to us in a timely manner, if it all.
·Isolation requirements may prevent our employees from being able to report to work or being required to work from home or other off-site location which may prevent us from accomplishing certain functions, including receiving products from our suppliers and fulfilling orders for our customers, which may result in an inability to meet our obligations.
·Our new products may be delayed or require unexpected changes to be made to our new or existing products.
·The effect of the outbreak on the economy may be severe, including an economic downturn and decrease in employment levels which could result in a decrease in consumer demand for our products.

The financial impact of such an outbreak are outside our control and are not reasonable to estimate but may be significant. The costs associated with any outbreak may have an adverse impact on our operations and financial condition and not be fully recoverable or adequately covered by insurance.

We could experience a decrease in the demand for our products resulting in lower sales volumes.

In the past we have at times experienced decreasing products sales with certain customers. The reasons for this can be generally attributed to: increased competition; general economic conditions; demand for products; and consumer interest rates. If economic conditions deteriorate or if consumer preferences change, we could experience a significant decrease in profitability.

If our top customers were lost, we could experience lower sales volumes.

For the fiscal year ended August 31, 2023 our top ten customers represented 88% of our total sales, and our single largest customer was responsible for 35% of our total sales. We would experience a significant decrease in sales and profitability and would have to cut back our operations, if these customers were lost and could not be replaced. Our top ten customers are located in North America and are primarily in the retail home improvement and pet industries.

We could experience delays in the delivery of our products to our customers causing us to lose business.

We purchase our products from other vendors and a delay in shipment from these vendors to us could cause significant delays in our delivery to our customers. This could result in a decrease in sales orders to us and we would experience a loss in profitability.

Governmental actions, such as tariffs, and/or foreign policy actions could adversely and unexpectedly impact our business.

Since the bulk of our products are supplied from other countries, political actions by either our trading country or our own domestic policy could impact both availability and cost of our products. Currently, we see this in regard to tariffs being levied on foreign sourced products entering into the United States, including from China. The continuing tariffs by the United States on certain Chinese goods include some of our products that we purchase from suppliers in China. The company has multiple options to assist in mitigating the cost impacts of these government actions. However, we cannot control the duration or depth of such actions which may increase our product costs which would in turn reduce our margins and potentially decrease the competitiveness of our products. These actions could have a negative effect on our business, results of operations, or financial condition.


We could lose our credit agreement and could result in our not being able to pay our creditors.

We have a line of credit with U.S. Bank in the amount of $10 million, of which the entire amount is available. We are currently in compliance with the requirements of our existing line of credit. If we lost access to this line of credit it could negatively affect our ability to pay some of our creditors on a timely basis.

Our information technology systems are susceptible to certain risks, including cyber security breaches, which could adversely impact our operations and financial condition.

Our operations involve information technology systems that process, transmit and store information about our suppliers, customers, employees, and financial information. These systems face threats including telecommunication failures, natural disasters, and cyber security threats, including computer viruses, unauthorized access to our systems, and other security issues. While we have taken aggressive steps to implement security measures to protect our systems and initiated an ongoing training program to address many of the primary causes of cyber threat with all our employees, such threats change and morph almost daily. There is no guarantee our actions will secure our information systems against all threats and vulnerabilities. The compromise or failure of our information systems could have a negative effect on our business, results of operations, or financial condition.

If we fail to maintain an effective system of internal controls, we may not be able to detect fraud or report our financial results accurately, which could harm our business and we could be subject to regulatory scrutiny.

We have completed a management assessment of internal controls as prescribed by Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which we were required to do in connection with our year ended August 31, 2023. Based on this process we did not identify any material weaknesses. Although we believe our internal controls are operating effectively, we cannot guarantee that in the future we will not identify any material weaknesses in connection with this ongoing process.


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