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ACNB - ACNB Corp ACNB Corp provides banking, insurance, and financial services to businesses and consumers, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, ACNB Bank and ACNB Insurance Services, Inc. The corporation has two reporting segments, the Bank and ACNB Insurance Services. ACNB Insurance Services is managed separately from the Banking segment, which includes the Bank and related financial services that the corporation offers through its banking subsidiary. ACNB Insurance Services, Inc. offers a broad range of property and casualty, life, and health insurance to both commercial and individual clients. The corporation's primary source of revenue is interest income on loans and investment securities and fee income on its products and services.
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Top ETF Holders

ETFs with the largest estimated holdings in ACNB

ETF Ticker ETF Name Est. Holding Size
VTI Vanguard $8.8 million
IWM iShares $6.3 million
VXF Vanguard $4.5 million
IWN iShares $2.8 million
AVUV Avantis $1.3 million
VTWO Vanguard $838289
FDM First Trust $673778
IWC iShares $609372
DFAT Dimensional $523887
DFAC Dimensional $238203
VTWV Vanguard $217598
EES WisdomTree $213760
DFAS Dimensional $190456
RYLD Global X $110671
IWV iShares $105602
OMFS Invesco $77215
GSSC Goldman Sachs $62274
VTHR Vanguard $25706
AVUS Avantis $20183
URTY ProShares $17355
UWM ProShares $12332
DFUS Dimensional $10740
NTKI Nationwide $1463
DFAU Dimensional $1430
AVSU Avantis $982
HDG ProShares $740