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Once a year, publicly traded companies issue a comprehensive report of their business, called a 10-K. A component mandated in the 10-K is the ‘Risk Factors’ section, where companies disclose any major potential risks that they may face. This dashboard highlights all major changes and additions in new 10K reports, allowing investors to quickly identify new potential risks and opportunities.

Risk Factors - NXMH

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$NXMH Risk Factor changes from 00/08/13/21/2021 to 00/09/29/22/2022

Item 1A. Risk Factors. As a smaller reporting company, as defined in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act, we are not required to provide the information called for by this Item. Item 1B. Unresolved Staff Comments. None. .
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DCOM 9 hours ago
MORF 9 hours ago
NVCR 9 hours ago
WTBA 9 hours ago
INSM 9 hours ago
FISV 9 hours ago
STWD 9 hours ago
KRTX 10 hours ago
IMUX 10 hours ago
CIO 10 hours ago
NERV 10 hours ago
ENOV 10 hours ago
NXPI 10 hours ago
NOVA 10 hours ago
SITE 10 hours ago
FSLY 18 hours ago
FIVN 18 hours ago
ACRE 18 hours ago
PCG 19 hours ago
GSHD 20 hours ago
INSG 20 hours ago
QUAD 20 hours ago
ELS 22 hours ago
ETSY 22 hours ago
CSGP 22 hours ago
VMEO 22 hours ago
WLK 23 hours ago
CQP 23 hours ago
TRUE 23 hours ago
LNG 23 hours ago
ECPG 23 hours ago
OIS 23 hours ago
WTS 23 hours ago
TYL 23 hours ago
OM 23 hours ago
KAR 23 hours ago
RCL 23 hours ago
PSX 23 hours ago
AA 23 hours ago
NET 23 hours ago
QTWO 23 hours ago
BBLG 23 hours ago
ACVA 23 hours ago
EXAS 23 hours ago
NDAQ 23 hours ago
DRTT 23 hours ago
RGR 23 hours ago
RRC 23 hours ago
CFLT 23 hours ago
ORCC 23 hours ago


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