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Once a year, publicly traded companies issue a comprehensive report of their business, called a 10-K. A component mandated in the 10-K is the ‘Risk Factors’ section, where companies disclose any major potential risks that they may face. This dashboard highlights all major changes and additions in new 10K reports, allowing investors to quickly identify new potential risks and opportunities.

Risk Factors - ASFT

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$ASFT Risk Factor changes from 00/04/18/23/2023 to 00/04/11/24/2024

ITEM 1A. RISK FACTORS As a smaller reporting company, as defined by Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act and Item 10(f)(1) of Regulation S-K, the Company has elected to comply with certain scaled disclosure reporting obligations, and, therefore, are not required to provide the information required by this item. ITEM 1B. UNRESOLVED STAFF COMMENTS None. ITEM 1C - CYBERSECURITY The Company recognizes the critical importance of cybersecurity in safeguarding sensitive information, maintaining operational resilience, and protecting its customers and stakeholders' interests. A cybersecurity policy should be designed to establish a comprehensive framework for identifying, assessing, mitigating, and responding to cybersecurity risks across the organization. At such time as the Company possesses sufficient resources, it will establish a cybersecurity policy appropriate for our business which implements protocols to evaluate, recognize, and address significant risks, including those posed by cybersecurity threats. As part of this strategy, we expect to incorporate standard traffic monitoring tools, educate our personnel to identify and report abnormal activities, and partner with reputable service providers capable of upholding security standards equivalent to or exceeding our own. We will seek to integrate these measures into our broader operational risk management framework aimed at minimizing exposure to unnecessary risks across our operations. We may work with outside consultants and third-party service providers to implement industry-standard strategies aimed at identifying and mitigating potential threats or vulnerabilities within our systems. Additionally, we expect that our policy strategy will include a comprehensive cyber crisis response plan to manage high severity security incidents, ensuring efficient coordination across the organization. Cybersecurity threats have not significantly impacted our operations, and we do not anticipate such risks materially affecting our business, strategy, financial condition, or results of operations. However, given the escalating sophistication of cyber threats, the preventive measures we adopt may not always suffice. Despite well-designed controls, we acknowledge the inability to foresee all security breaches, including those stemming from third-party misuse of artificial intelligence (“AI”) technologies, and the potential challenges in implementing timely preventive measures. Our Chief Executive Officer will oversee our information security programs, including cybersecurity initiatives, and is integrated into the cybersecurity the incident response process that we adopt. Our board of directors will oversee cybersecurity risk management activities, supported by Company management and external consultants. . .
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