Quiver FAQs

Frequently asked questions about alternative data, our company, and the Quiver API

What is Quiver Quantitative?

Quiver Quant is an investment research platform that scrapes alternative data from across the internet and aggregates it in a free, easy to use platform.

What is alternative data?

Alternative data is non-traditional data that can be used to make better investment decisions. This includes data on things like social media discussion, web traffic, and government disclosures.

How is Quiver different from other alternative data providers?

Most existing providers only sell their data to hedge funds and institutions, and charge thousands of dollars a year for access to their services. Our mission is to bridge this information gap between Wall Street and Main Street, and make high-quality alternative data accessible to everyone. Our web platform is free-to-use, and designed for retail investors.

Does Quiver offer investment services?

No, Quiver Quant is an investment data platform and does not facilitate any investment or trading services.

Where does Quiver’s data come from?

Quiver aggregates both public and proprietary alternative data on publicly traded companies. Examples include sources such as the FDA, Twitter, Glassdoor, and the US Patent Office, all of which can be scraped for free and provide timely, actionable information.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

How often is Quiver’s data updated?

This varies by dataset, but our dashboards are generally updated daily (following market close). One notable exception is our r/wallstreetbets dataset which updates throughout the day.

What is the Quiver API?

The Quiver API allows programmers to tie directly into our data feeds. This allows you to conduct deeper analysis and research, set-up automated strategies based off of the datasets, and build your own projects using Quiver’s data.

Where can I find documentation on the API?

You can find API documentation here. The ‘quiverquant’ package also provides an easy way to work with the data in Python.

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