Democratic Large-Cap Core (DEMZ)

Campaign Contributions

This is an ETF that trades on NASDAQ and includes a portfolio of S&P 500 companies who, along with their senior executives, have contributed more than 75% to Democratic politicians and political action committees over the last three federal election cycles. After the Democratic screening criteria is applied, the holdings in the portfolio and the weightings are chosen to attempt to mirror the performance and risk of the entire S&P 500.


Key Metrics

Return (1d)


Return (30d)


Return (1y)


CAGR (Total)


Max Drawdown






Sharpe Ratio

Metrics Definitions
  • Alpha

    Measures a portfolio's risk-adjusted performance against that of its benchmark

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  • Annual Standard Deviation

    Measures how much the portfolio's total return varies from its mean or average.

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  • Annual Volatility

    A statistical measure of the dispersion of returns for the portfolio.

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  • Average Win

    The average return (%) for trades that resulted in a positive return.

  • Average Loss

    The average return (%) for trades that resulted in a negative return.

  • Beta

    A measure of the volatility of the portfolio compared to the market as a whole.

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  • CAGR

    CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate), is the historical annualized rate of return for an investment strategy, throughout the backtest period.

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  • Information Ratio

    A measurement of portfolio returns beyond the returns of its benchmark compared to the volatility of those returns.

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  • Max Drawdown

    the maximum observed loss from a peak to a trough of a portfolio, before a new peak is attained.

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  • Sharpe Ratio

    The Sharpe Ratio is a measure of historical risk-adjusted return, which quantifies the amount of return that an investor received per unit of risk.

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  • Total Trades

    The total number of trades made by this strategy.

  • Treynor Ratio

    Attempts to measure how successful an investment is in providing compensation to investors for taking on investment risk.

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  • Win Rate

    The percentage of total trades that resulted in a positive return.

Portfolio Insight


Ticker % of NAV
MTB 5.74%
IBM 5.43%
AAPL 5.20%
COST 4.99%
DHR 4.35%
PGR 4.17%
APH 4.16%
CL 3.73%
KMB 3.14%
SBUX 3.08%
MCO 3.00%
DIS 2.93%
AVY 2.81%
PLD 2.71%
SYK 2.48%
RE 2.47%
NVDA 2.33%
IFF 2.23%
WTW 2.22%
CARR 2.14%
CRM 2.11%
OMC 2.00%
KLAC 1.96%
AMT 1.86%
ADBE 1.74%
LRCX 1.67%
ROST 1.54%
PAYX 1.52%
EXPD 1.29%
NTAP 1.27%
IQV 1.14%
FLT 1.14%
INCY 1.12%
EA 1.10%
CDW 1.03%
AMD 0.98%
WDC 0.92%
WBD 0.86%
IT 0.81%
A 0.81%
KMX 0.79%
XYL 0.78%
HAS 0.73%
ALLE 0.53%
NLOK 0.52%
LYV 0.49%