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SHOP - Shopify Inc. Class A subordinate voting shares Shopify offers an e-commerce platform primarily to small and midsize businesses. The firm has two segments: subscription solutions (43% of fiscal 2018 revenue) and merchant solutions (57% of fiscal 2018 revenue). The subscription solutions segment allows Shopify merchants to conduct e-commerce on a variety of platforms, including the company's website, physical stores, pop-up stores, kiosks, social networks (Facebook), and Amazon. Merchant solutions are add-on products for the platform that facilitate e-commerce and include Shopify Payments, Shopify Shipping, and Shopify Capital.
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1/27/2021 Toomey, Pat Sale: Stock
12/22/2020 Toomey, Pat Purchase: Stock
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3/16/2021 Josh Gottheimer Sale
2/17/2021 Josh Gottheimer Purchase
2/24/2020 Tom Rice Sale
7/23/2019 Tom Rice Purchase
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