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ARCC - Ares Capital Corporation Ares Capital Corp is a United States-based closed-ended specialty finance company. Its investment objective is to generate both current income and capital appreciation through debt and equity investments. The company focuses on investing primarily in U.S. middle-market companies with investment opportunities as well as in larger companies. Its portfolio comprises of first lien senior secured loans, second lien senior secured loans, and mezzanine debt (subordinated unsecured loan), which may include equity components that are diversified by industry and sector. The company may invest in preferred and common equity investments to a lesser proportion. Its revenue mainly consists of interest and dividend income received from the investment made.
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Whale Activity

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Senate Trading

Recent trades by U.S. Senators

Date Senator Type
1/18/2022 Carper, Thomas R. Sale: Stock
7/9/2020 Carper, Thomas R. Sale: Stock
4/2/2020 Carper, Thomas R. Purchase: Stock
11/13/2017 Peters, Gary Purchase: Stock
8/31/2017 Carper, Thomas R. Sale: Stock
6/27/2017 Peters, Gary Purchase: Stock
House Trading

Recent trades by U.S. Representatives

Date Rep. Type
9/2/2021 Zoe Lofgren Purchase
4/20/2021 Pete Sessions Purchase
3/23/2020 Zoe Lofgren Sale
1/15/2020 Mo Brooks Sale
8/29/2019 Alan S. Lowenthal Sale
8/28/2019 Alan S. Lowenthal Sale
8/27/2019 Alan S. Lowenthal Sale
12/27/2018 Greg Gianforte Purchase
4/30/2018 Thomas J. Rooney Sale
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