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AIN - Albany International Corp Class A Albany International Corp is principally engaged in processing textiles and materials. The company consists of two business segments, the machine clothing segment, which produces and provides custom-designed fabrics and belts for the production in the paper, nonwovens, and other process industries; and the Albany engineered composites segment, which offers engineered composite parts for the aerospace and defensive industries. The machine clothing segment contributes to the majority of the company's total revenue. The company has a global operation and generates revenue from the United States, Switzerland, Brazil, China, Mexico, France, and other areas.
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3/25/2019 Nicholas Van Taylor Sale
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Top ETF Holders

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ETF Ticker ETF Name Est. Holding Size
IJR iShares $208.3 million
VTI Vanguard $96.1 million
VB Vanguard $81.5 million
IWM iShares $65.0 million
VXF Vanguard $42.6 million
VBR Vanguard $41.4 million
IJT iShares $31.0 million
IWN iShares $23.6 million
SPSM SPDR $15.6 million
VIOO Vanguard $14.6 million
SLYG SPDR $14.3 million
SCHA Schwab $12.0 million
AVUV Avantis $11.2 million
VTWO Vanguard $8.5 million
DFAT Dimensional $8.0 million
DFAS Dimensional $5.7 million
SLY SPDR $5.3 million
FNDA Schwab $5.2 million
XSLV Invesco $4.7 million
IWO iShares $4.4 million
DFAC Dimensional $4.1 million
VIOG Vanguard $3.5 million
DES WisdomTree $3.4 million
VIS Vanguard $3.3 million
ITOT iShares $3.2 million
XSMO Invesco $2.5 million
PRFZ Invesco $2.0 million
VTWV Vanguard $1.7 million
VT Vanguard $1.7 million
DWAS Invesco $1.6 million
SCHB Schwab $1.5 million
BBSC JPMorgan $1.4 million
PSCI Invesco $1.4 million
RYLD Global X $1.2 million
RWJ Invesco $1.1 million
OMFS Invesco $893053
EES WisdomTree $892104
AVUS Avantis $834924
IWV iShares $731510
ISCG iShares $678106
DGRS WisdomTree $638126
FIDU Fidelity $530648
JPSE JPMorgan $476217
FYX First Trust $457974
SPTM SPDR $450175
DFUS Dimensional $408057
SMLV SPDR $401358
GSSC Goldman Sachs $383467
QVMS Invesco $352969
VTWG Vanguard $349355